Grumpy G’s Kitchen to make the Valley’s diners smile

Best of Vietnamese street food comes to Central Brunswick

Look out Fortitude Valley, the best of Vietnamese street food is heading your way with the opening of Grumpy G’s Kitchen at Central Brunswick in late October. If you have an appetite for the best pho or the tastiest rice paper rolls, Grumpy G’s Kitchen will bring you the freshest, most authentic Vietnamese street food on offer in the Valley.

Andrew Deane of Retailspace Property said the opening will offer a great experience for the Central Brunswick’s customers “We’re delighted to welcome Natalie Nguyen of Grumpy G’s Kitchen to Central Brunswick, adding the best of Vietnamese street food to the centre’s bustling community.  Opening late October Grumpy G’s Kitchen will bring an authentic taste of south-east Asia to the centre.” I know that Natalie is committed to preparing and selling the freshest and tastiest traditional Vietnamese street food and our customers will love what’s on offer.”

Open from 10:00am – 07:00pm 6 days a week, Grumpy G’s Kitchen can seat up to 30 and offers dine in and take away options, as well as lunch specials to help get the valley’s workers through the day.

Natalie is the restaurateur behind Grumpy G’s Kitchen and can’t wait to make the restaurant the go to place for authentic Vietnamese street food “The Valley is Brisbane’s best place for food and entertainment and we can’t wait to open the doors at Grumpy G’s Kitchen.

“Our food is inspired by my very own family recipes by my parents, who taught me everything about Vietnamese cooking. We can’t wait to for our customers to get a taste of the best in authentic Vietnamese street food.“

Mama Nguyen is the secret behind Grumpy G’s kitchen. Mama Nguyen unique twist of Chicken Phở with the authentic taste of Northern Vietnam taste of chicken broth cooked for hours, infused with traditional herbs and spices – an almost forgotten cooking method of Northern Vietnam.

Papa Nguyen’s gourmet prawn spring rolls are another favourite. Using a family recipe and real fresh prawns and ingredients – hand rolled & fried to perfection serve with Grumpy G’s nuoc mam sauce –it’s a must try.